Tracy Webster – Village Books

Soul Windows

A visual journey into what makes me tick. I started out writing an intention on the wood then cutting it into hearts to use as my canvas. Each heart is intuitively painted depicting a particular feeling or mood at that moment, using acrylic paint between layers and layers of resin. A very long process as each layer takes a day or two to set and cure enough before another layer of paint is applied, giving the piece depth at every angle. The marks and patterns are an abstract way of capturing the feelings/moods represented in each heart. Finally mounted to boards I cut, sanded and stained to mimic old wood, giving the hearts a cozy place to rest and tell their story.

Artist Biography

Tracy Webster came to Bellingham in 2017 from Florence, Oregon where she lived and breathed art full time. Tracy was part of an award winning gallery with her mixed-media art and jewelry, and a board member for most of those years. She also helped start an Arts Alliance and was a very active part of her arts community.

Wanting to be closer to her family in Canada, Tracy and her husband Patrick moved to Bellingham with their two dogs. After a few years of taking a little break from creating, Tracy is feeling the creative pull again and is excited about exploring her opportunities in beautiful Bellingham where inspiration is abundant.