Scott Ward – Current and Furbish

Spanish Night, oil on canvas, 18″x36″ $900
Up and Away, oil on canvas, 18″x18″ $700
Wherever You Go, oil on canvas, 24″x36″ $1500
You Otter, oil on canvas, 24″x24″ $900
Slyly Basking, oil on canvas, 24″x24″ $900

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Scott Ward creates paintings that are vibrant, yet subtle; vital and contemplative, and full of the light-hearted spirit that bridges the gap between the surreal and sublime, with images that speak not only to the eyes, but to the heart, mind and spirit as well. His paintings are a reflection of life in its manifold guises. Through the use of people, animals and stunning landscapes, all characterized by bold color, careful attention to light and shadow, graceful lines and an often startling juxtaposition, each work is a self-portrait of self expression for the artist.

Scott has worked as an artist and designer in advertising, clothing design, graphic design, theater design, landscape design, interior design and murals, and has shown work at many galleries around the country.

Whether a painting, print or note card, every piece of Scott Ward’s art is invested with his spirit, his soul, and his thought-provoking take on everyday life, yet still allows the outsider room in which to add their own meaning, depth and perception to the mix.