Diane Stiles – Whatcom Art Market

Diane Stiles lives in the Skagit Valley, WA, surrounded by family, friends, trees and the occasional, much longed for and greatly welcomed PNW cloud-parting sunshine. She was born mid-twentieth century in sunny California, moving North with her family (and remaining since) at the age of sixteen.

“Making and doing with her hands,” as Diane puts it, has been a part of her experience since her earliest memories. Coupled with a peculiar turn of observation and a curiosity about that which lies beneath the surface of life, she ventured into the realm of painting. She desires to express the feel of things seen and unseen, endeavoring to communicate through form, flow and color, those things not easily grasped through common terms.

Diane holds long-standing membership in both the Whatcom Art Guild and the Skagit Art Association. Diane has shown her work for several years in the Whatcom Art Market, (Fairhaven, WA) as well as annual Art in the Pickle Bam Show which is held during the Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley. She is a former member of the LaConner art Co-op, That’s Knot All and has participated in several other venues throughout the area. Diane has won numerous awards including Best of Show at the Art in a Pickle Barn.

Several artist instructors stand out on her learning journey: Roxanne Grinstad (beginning watercolor), Chris Romine (inspiring abstraction and technique!), Jacqui Beck (DARE to explore!). A more extensive debt is owed to all her fellow artist friends and acquaintances who have continued to challenge, inspire and encourage her in the on­going process.

Website: https://www.whatcomartmarket.org/